As your financial advisory team, we want you to know we have been working hard to navigate the market through these unprecedented times.  Markets have been rattled and moved sharply lower beginning in late February – March 23rd based on fear and uncertainty in response...

After living through the largest one-week sell off in recent memory for the stock market, we felt it would be helpful to shed some light on things for you, our clients. We’ll discuss a few topics:

  • Some reasons for the sell-off.

  • Is it rational?

  • How does thi...

Perspective is helpful when considering why the stock market moves the way it does. Let's take a look at some indicators.

As we close out 2019 and the 2010s decade at all time stock market highs, we want to look back on this past year to reflect on the highlights and the learning opportunities.

An update on the recent volatility in the stock market and a re-calibration on the big picture of investing.

We hope this post finds you knocking your New Year’s resolutions out of the park and enjoying the beginnings of a fresh year. The primary reason for this blog is to take some time to reflect on the past and use it to create building blocks for the future. Through the l...

What’s causing the recent volatility and what does it mean for the stock market? Let's dig in.

PayPal Holdings, Inc. a company that's at the heart of an increasingly relevant component of the market... Digital transactions and person-to-person payments.

What is going on in the market and why the recent volatility? The stock market has experienced a real increase in volatility. Let's have a look at what's going on.

Wow – what a week in the market.  So, what happened to the markets this past week?  Although nobody has 100% understanding of all aspects of what we just experienced and are experiencing, we are going to take a stab at sharing some insights that will, at the very least...

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