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Asset Mix

Knowing how to utilize your assets

 can significantly impact the

potential of your estate.

Do you have a plan for maximizing the

potential of your assets?

Your retirement income can be drawn from many sources.

Understanding the origins and tax implications for each

retirement bucket can help when making key decisions.




Non-Qualified Brokerage Account


Deferred Annuities

Social Security

When you trust MFG with your retirement,

you have a teams who knows:

  • When and can explain why/how you should draw from a particular income source (bucket).

  • Each bucket is treated differently and has different rules/regulations regarding its use.

  • How to navigate the complex decisions you'll need to make in the coming years.

  • The complexity of the transition from a growth strategy to an income strategy as you walk into your retirement years.

Our team is happy to help you navigate all of these decisions and much more.

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