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MFG Wealth Management, Inc.

The prosperity of our clients is foundational to everything we do at MFG.

We have re-designed the model for wealth management to allow for this mindset. The structure of our firm enables us to have productive conversations with clients because our goals are aligned.

This means our clients can trust we have their best interest at heart. 

Meet our President & CEO

How We Can Benefit You

MFG Wealth Management, Inc. is committed to exceeding your expectations through a consistency in customer service and proactive communication, while providing you with exceptional understanding in the areas of Wealth Management, Retirement, Financial, Estate, and Business planning.

Our existence is centered on the benefit of our clients. 

Analysing the Data

Portfolio Management

Helping you manage your financial life

We specialize in active portfolio management.

Our portfolio strategies are designed using in-depth market analysis looking at the overall climate of the market, basic supply and demand rules, and effects on the major indices. The securities chosen for our strategies are selected based on this research and our analysis of companies’ fundamental and technical data. As our client, you will have online services available to you through a third-party custodial provider and will be able to access your accounts through our website and through the mobile app.

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Retirement Planning

Helping you smoothly transition to retirement

The transition from working to retiring is a stage in life many of us look forward to, and yet it can be daunting.  A properly structured retirement plan can help you navigate the important decisions and identify the options available during this phase of life.  Whether you're contemplating how to use the resources available at retirement or you're anxious to know how much is enough, a thoughtful analysis with a trustworthy financial advisor can put your concerns to rest and give you a roadmap so you can relax and enjoy the years ahead.

*Already have a plan? Don't worry, we can still help you construct an investment portfolio that fits your goals.

Business Meeting

Financial Planning

Helping you prepare for your future

For many people the toughest task in securing a better financial future is creating a plan. Many people simply don’t know where to start. Together we can design a plan appropriate to your situation in life so you don't fall victim to the old adage, “People don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan.” Whether you are concerned with saving for college expenses, eliminating debt, planning for retirement, or other financial goals, we can assist you in designing and monitoring / adjusting a suitable financial plan. A well-designed plan will provide you with confidence in your financial future.

Business Partners at Work

Estate Planning

Helping you anticipate your needs

Estate planning may be one of the most difficult and emotional aspects of an overall financial plan. An understanding of the composition of the assets of an estate and the goals of the estate owner relating to their heirs and overall distribution is required to properly structure an estate. At MFG Wealth Management, we will assist you in organizing your estate, deciding on dispersion strategies, and aligning a team of professionals (i.e. attorney, accountant, etc.) to help you prepare for the smooth transition of the assets that have taken you a lifetime to assemble.


Business Planning

Discrete and confidential services

We offer a complete spectrum of services in business planning. Whether your needs demand continuation and succession planning, employee retention advice, or the creation of qualified retirement plans, MFG Wealth Management can provide efficient and professional service. Do you have questions about deferred compensation, non-qualified deferred compensation, or pre-tax retirement plans? Because our team deals with these and other business planning matters on a regular basis we are prepared to discuss them with you in a discreet and confidential manner.

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